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Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Where to install a water butt?


You can install a water butt next to the down pipe of your house or any garden building that has rain gutters, such as a shed, greenhouse, conservatory.  


How to do it


Follow the instructions supplied with the butt to ensure your model is installed in the correct way. Generally, there are two main ways of fitting a water butt in your garden. You can remove the lower part of a down pipe, so the upper part runs directly into a butt placed beneath it, adding an overflow pipe to take excess water away to the drain.

Alternatively, stand the butt to one side of the downpipe and saw out a section of the down pipe with a hacksaw. Fit a rain diverter over the cut area to channel water into the butt. Once it is full, any excess water will go directly into the downpipe.

When installing a butt, make sure the tap is facing forward and there’s enough room underneath it to fill a watering can comfortably – a height of 38cm from the ground should be ideal. To ensure it remains stable, site the butt on level ground, placing it on a paving slab if necessary. Large, upright water butts may need securing to brackets drilled into the wall.

If you have the space you could consider connecting several butts together with a linking kit to increase the amount you can store. When one butt is full the water will automatically flow into the next.


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